Alita Battle Angel Wallpaper: A Stunning Collection For Your Devices

Alita Battle Angel (2019) Phone Wallpaper Moviemania Alita battle
Alita Battle Angel (2019) Phone Wallpaper Moviemania Alita battle

If you are a fan of science-fiction and action movies, you may have heard of the blockbuster hit “Alita: Battle Angel”. This movie, based on the manga series “Gunnm” by Yukito Kishiro, was released in 2019 and quickly gained a massive following. One of the most impressive aspects of the movie is its stunning visuals, which include breathtaking landscapes, futuristic technology, and, of course, the cyborg heroine herself. In this article, we will explore some of the best Alita Battle Angel wallpapers available for download, so you can enjoy the beauty of this movie every time you look at your device.

What is Alita: Battle Angel?

Before we dive into the wallpapers, let’s take a brief look at what Alita: Battle Angel is all about. The movie takes place in the 26th century, where Earth has been devastated by a catastrophic war known as “The Fall”. In this world, cyborgs are common, and people can replace their body parts with mechanical ones to enhance their abilities. The story follows Alita, a cyborg who is found in a junkyard by a scientist named Dr. Dyson Ido. Ido rebuilds Alita and helps her to discover her past and her true potential.

Why Download Alita Battle Angel Wallpaper?

Alita: Battle Angel is a visually stunning movie, with incredible attention to detail in the design of the characters and the world they inhabit. The wallpapers inspired by the movie are no exception, and they allow you to bring a piece of that beauty into your daily life. Whether you are a die-hard fan of the movie or simply appreciate fantastic artwork, Alita Battle Angel wallpaper is an excellent choice for your device.

Where to Find Alita Battle Angel Wallpaper?

There are many websites and online communities where you can find Alita Battle Angel wallpaper. Some of the most popular options include,, and On these websites, you can browse through hundreds of different wallpapers, each one featuring a unique take on Alita, the city of Iron City, or the other characters from the movie. Many of these wallpapers are available in different resolutions and aspect ratios, so you can find the perfect fit for your device.

Top 10 Alita Battle Angel Wallpapers

  1. Alita Battle Angel in the Rain
  2. Alita Battle Angel with Motorball Helmet
  3. Alita Battle Angel in the Scrapyard
  4. Alita Battle Angel and Hugo
  5. Alita Battle Angel with Damascus Blade
  6. Alita Battle Angel with Zapan
  7. Alita Battle Angel with Berserker Body
  8. Alita Battle Angel in the Bar
  9. Alita Battle Angel with Panzer Kunst
  10. Alita Battle Angel with Motorball Champion Suit
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How to Download Alita Battle Angel Wallpaper?

Downloading Alita Battle Angel wallpaper is easy and straightforward. Simply click on the image you want to download, and it will open in a new window. From there, you can right-click on the image and select “Save Image As” to save it to your device. Alternatively, you can use the download button provided on some websites to download the wallpaper directly.

Final Thoughts

Alita: Battle Angel is a movie that has captured the hearts of many fans around the world, and it’s no surprise that there is a vast collection of wallpapers inspired by the movie. Whether you are a fan of Alita herself or the incredible world-building in the movie, there is sure to be a wallpaper that will make your device look fantastic. So why not give your device a new look with some Alita Battle Angel wallpaper today?

Don’t forget to check out the images we have included at the bottom of this article. They are some of our favorites and are available for download. Simply click on each one and follow the instructions to get your hands on some stunning Alita Battle Angel wallpaper.

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